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Ewa Beach Long Term Rentals On Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is not the largest island in the Pacific Rim, yet it is vital to the tropical state. Oahu is home to the state capitol city of Honolulu. The leeward coast of the island is less popular with visitors but is home to many of Hawaii’s residents. One such residential area is the town of Ewa Beach. Read more about our rentals on Oahu Hawaii long term below:

Small but Close to the Big City

Ewa Beach is a small community but has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The town is located approximately 20 miles from Honolulu, near the tip of the island. This close proximity to the big city makes it a great residential area for those who need to commute to the city for work or business and may be a contributing factor in its continued growth.

A Lot to Offer

Ewa Beach may be a small dot on the Hawaiian map, yet it has a lot to offer to residents and visitors alike. This tiny town with a population of just 14,955 (according to 2010 census) and is approximately 1.9 square miles in size. Inside this cozy community are 22 schools, a hospital, grocery stores, restaurants, a shopping center, parks with playgrounds, and of course, the beach.

The Kamakana Shopping Center at Ali’i brings sophistication to the area with the famed stores, Sephora and Macy’s. In addition, there is a state-of-the-art movie theater, Olino by Consilidated, which has comfortable reclining chairs. As for restaurants, a local favorite is the Eating House 1849. Buffalo Wild Wings, California Pizza Kitchen, and The Cheesecake Factory are also among the other restaurants available.

A Little Bit of History

Ewa Beach has a history that goes way back. It began as a large plantation during the brief reign of Queen Lili’uokalani, the first and only queen, and subsequently the last of the Kanehameha dynasty. During the late 1800s, Queen Lili’uokalani abdicated the throne after losing power to America. After that, the plantation was managed by W.R. Lowie. Since then, Ewa Beach has been a very important part of Hawaii’s culture, along with its economy and politics.

Head Ewa

Most of the local residents along the southern shore of Oahu use the term Ewa as a reference for heading towards the shoreline. Other local terms used in a similar fashion are: mauka, towards the mountains in a generally northward direction; makai, towards the ocean in a generally southern direction; and Diamond Head (or Koko Head) refers to heading along the shoreline in an eastwardly direction.

Long Term Rentals In Kailua Oahu

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